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Course Catalog

Course Materials

Students are provided with a three ring binder containing printed course materials. The course materials consist of a full color reproduction of every slide in each presentation followed by text that is intended to cover and in some cases go beyond the live presentation given during instruction. Students can utilize these course materials for independent study and future reference. Following each lesson a review quiz is presented to allow each student to identify their level of understanding of the more important concepts in the lesson. These quizzes also prepare the student for the associated examination.


AESF Foundation instructors have several decades of in the field experience in surface finishing. Each has served as an instructor for AESF for more than 20 years. Our instructors include consultants that have been recognized world-wide as the best in their field.


The objective of the lessons in AESF courses is to prepare the student for a certification examination that will provide said student with an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in surface finishing methods, techniques and processes, whereby quality is improved and rejects/finishing problems are reduced, making said student more valuable to their employer.

Download the Foundation Catalog

2018 Foundation Catalog

Our Course Catalog is available for download as a PDF, which includes a registration form that can be printed and mailed or faxed.