Jeff Hannapel
| NASF Director of Government Relations
(202) 457-8404

NASF 1000

Recent fights with the OSHA Chrome PEL and other regulatory battles have left our funds depleted. We want to ensure that we can wage the next fight (such as the current battle with EPA over the Chromium Electroplating NESHAP or regulatory challenges for nickel compounds) without being limited by the lack of funds to hire the technical, economic and legal expertise needed to mount a successful challenge to regulatory and statutory actions that threaten the surface finishing industry.

Thank you for considering this important opportunity to sustain our government relations efforts for the next decade. These funds will be restricted for this use only and we are committed to achieving our goals. If you would like to join the distinguished group of industry leaders listed below, simply download our contribution form and join the NASF 1000 today!

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Hannapel at 202-257-3756 or

NASF 1000 Members

Updated June 2017

AAA Plating & Inspection
A Brite Company
A.C. Plating Company
Accurate Precision Plating
Acme Industrial Group
Advanced Plating Technologies
Alert Plating Company
Allied Plating Supplies
American Plating Power
Amex Plating Inc.
Apex Metal Finishing
Arlington Plating Company
Asko Processing
Asterion, LLC
Astro Industries
Automation Plating Corp
Babbit Bearing
Baker Technology Associates
Bales Mold Service
BroCo Products, Inc.
Bronson Plating
C&R Plating
Chicago Metal Finishers Institute Chapter
The Chrome Shop, Inc.
Chometech of Wisconsin
Chromium, Inc.
Columbia Chemical Corp.
Commercial Plating Company
Control Electropolishing Corporation
Cornerstone Systems, Inc.
Courter-Hall Company
Craftsman Plating and Tinning Corp.
Dixie Industrial Finishing
Duray Plating Company
East Side Plating, Inc.
Ecoplating S.A. de C.V.
EME, Inc.
Empire Buff Company, Ltd.
Empire Hard Chrome
Epner Technology
Finishing & Plating Service
Gatto Industrial Platers
General Plating Company
General Super Plating Company
Gilbert & Jones
Gleco Plating
Grove Plating Co.
Gull Industries
H & M Plating
Haviland Enterprises
Heatbath Corporation
HighTech Finishing
Hohman Plating & Manufacturing
Hubbard-Hall, Inc.
Hunter Chemical, LLC
Industrial Metal Finishing
Industrial Plating Co. Inc.
Ionic Solutions
Jim Jones
K&L Anodizing
Kason Industries, Inc.
KC Jones Plating
KCH Engineered Systems
Kuntz Electroplating, Inc.
Lincoln Industries
Luster-On Products
M & R Plating, Inc.
MacDermid Enthone
Marsh Plating Corporation
Master Finish Company
Masters Association of Metal Finishers
Metal Chem
Metal Finishing Association of Northern California
Metal Finishing Association of Southern California
Metal Surfaces, Inc.
Mid-Atlantic Finishing Corp.
Miles Chemical Co.
Mirror Industries
Modern Plating Corporation
Morgan Ohare, Inc.
MPP Group of Companies
NASF Chicago Midwest Chapter
NASF Milwaukee Chapter
NASF Orange County Chapter
NASF Order of Past Presidents
NASF St. Louis Midwest Chapter
New Brunswick Plating, Inc.
New England Surface Finishing Regional Committee
Ohio Association of Metal Finishers
OMG Electronic Chemicals
Palm International Inc.
Palmetto Plating Company
Pioneer Metal Finishing
Plating Specialists, Inc.
Precision Plating Co.
Process Electronics Corporation
Process Technology, Inc.
Products Finishing
Pyromet, Inc.
Reliable Plating Corp.
Reliable Plating Works, Inc.
RIGHTech Fabrications
Ronatec C2C, Inc.
S&S Plating Company
Bill Saas
Santa Clara Plating Company, Inc.
Schumacher Companies
Scientific Control Laboratories
Sheffield Platers
Simmons Plating & Grinding Co.
Somerville Plating Company
SPEC Plating
Surface Finish Technologies, Inc.
SPEC Plating
SurTec, Inc.
SWD, Inc.
Tech Metals
Texas Association of Metal Finishers
Tilton Rack & Basket Company
TITAN Metal Fabricators
Triple Cities Metal Finishing
TrueLogic Company
Ultra Plating Corporation
Unimetal Surface Finishing
Univertical Corporation
Uyemura International Corp.
Valley Chrome
Victoria Plating Company
Viking Chemical Company
Washington Association of Metal Finishers
Wolkerstorfer Company, Inc.
Wolverine Plating Corp.

GAC Fund Contributors

Asterion, LLC
Paul Brancato
Ed Budsman
Steve Candiloro, Jr.
Chrome Deposit Corporation
Epic Industrial, Inc.
Garden State Branch
Gilbert & Jones
Haviland Enterprises
James G. Hickney
Hunter Chemical, LLC
J & M Plating, Inc.
Metal Chem
Mid-Atlantic Regional
Milport Enterprises
Philadelphia Association of Metal Finishers
Ritchey Metal Company
Seiler Hughes
Superior Plating Company
Superior Plating, Inc.
Tilton Rack & Basket Co.
TrueLogic Company
Viking Chemical Company