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NASF Report

NASF has partnered with Products Finishing to present "The NASF Report" a periodical resource for information about NASF and the surface finishing industry.

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Category: NASF National

NASF Report

NASF has partnered with Products Finishing to present "The NASF Report" a periodical resource for information about NASF and the surface finishing industry.

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Leadership Spotlight: Major Robert ‘Bob’ Baugh

POSTED: December 14, 2017

Bob BaughAlmost a quarter century ago, Major Robert ‘Bob’ Baugh retired from his position as President of Precise Hard Chrome, A Dover Company, and became Executive Director of the Texas Association of Metal Finishers. While running Precise Hard Chrome, Bob was an active member of the Association, served on the Board of Directors, and eventually served as TAMF President. He was an absolute perfect fit as Executive Director for our small group and he transitioned to executive director quickly and smoothly.

A smooth transition into becoming executive director went unnoticed by most because that is how Bob was trained. Efficient and effective leadership honed by a 23-year career as an Air Force and Army aviator. Bob retired at the rank of Major, which speaks to his abilities but he also retired with proficiency in everything Army Aviation had in it’s inventory. He flew everything from the famous UH1-Huey to his personal favorite, the OV-1 Mohawk, a twin turbine, armed observation bird.

Bob served his country proudly in Viet Nam and earned a degree in Aeronautical Science as well as his MBA along the way. After his military service, Bob entered the industry and spent 15 years in Sales and Management positions for Precise Hard Chrome, a significant hard chrome provider in Waco, Texas. Precise Hard Chrome manufactured high quality hydraulic cylinders used in lift components of equipment and commercial construction. He spent his last 5 years with Precise Hard Chrome as their President and of course joined the TAMF almost 25 years ago after retiring once again!

His last day as TAMF Executive Director will be December 31, 2017. It is with great sadness we say good by to Bob, but in hopes of seeing him at least once a year on the golf course, we have extended him ED Emeritus status and have asked he and his lovely wife Gay, join us at our Summer Conventions or any regular meeting he would like. Bob Baugh is such a good man, such a good friend, and we will miss him dearly.

Written by J. Kelly Mowry, TAMF President

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Leadership Spotlight: Jeff Brassard

POSTED: October 16, 2017

Jeff BrassardJeff Brassard is currently the General Manager of Palm Commodities International, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Umicore North America. Jeff has extensive experience in the surface finishing industry gained over 40-years working within the industry on a global scale, both as an electroplater and a supplier. He worked for a major proprietary chemical supplier for 23 years before joining Palm Commodities in 1997. Prior to this, he worked for a job shop in New England that offered a wide variety of plating and surface finishes, during which time Jeff served as their technical manager for a number of years. Jeff believes the industry is strengthened through education and communication and supports the industry by currently sitting on the NASF national board.

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Leadership Spotlight: James Sullivan

POSTED: September 13, 2017

James SullivanJames Sullivan is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Schumacher Companies in Houston, TX which consist of: The Schumacher Company, Dixie Electro Plating and Spraymetal Inc., all serving the Oil & Gas industry. With 42 years of plating/metal finishing and management experience, James is responsible for all of the Schumacher Companies activities.

James started his finishing career in Fort Worth, TX in 1975 working with plating/finishing companies mostly serving the Aerospace industry. In 1994 James relocated to Chicago, IL. Where he ran several plating job shops as General Manager working with industries such as: Aerospace, Injection Mold & Tool and the Optics Industry.

James has held positions such as: Masker, Plater, Anodizer, Lead Plater, Plating Supervisor, Production Manager, Lab Manager, Outside Sales, Plant Manager and General Manager all with job shops within the finishing industry. James has hands-on experience with many types of plating and anodizing processes including wet spray Mil-spec priming. Further, James has a thorough knowledge of waste treatment and compliance issues facing our finishing industry.

As VP/COO of the Schumacher Companies which is one of the larger Hard Chrome job shops in the country, James is constantly involved with regulatory and compliance challenges facing the finishing industry. For the last many years, James has been very active attending most of the NASF events such as: The Washington Forum, SUR/FIN and the Leadership Conference.

With 42 years of job shop experience, James has a well-rounded knowledge of the constant challenges facing platers/finishers and what is needed to meet these challenges.

James also served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve for 6 years and is a current Board member with the National Association For Surface Finishing since 2016 and also a Board member with his local chapter the Texas Association Of Metal Finishers now for several years. James has been married for 36 years and has 2 children and 5 grandchildren. In his off time James enjoys spending time with family.

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NASF 1000 Fundraiser Nets Over $1,700 at SUR/FIN 2017

POSTED: August 4, 2017

Don Walsh from Uyemura was the lucky winner of the 50/50 raffle in the NASF 1000 at SUR/FIN’s Industry Night. He happily donated most of his winnings to increase this year’s contribution at SUR/FIN to over $1,700. GAC member and NASF 1000 promoter, Ray Lucas, saluted Don for his generosity and wished him well as he heads into retirement.

Thanks to the support of industry leaders the NASF 1000 fund has grown to $400,000. While the NASF 1000 was initially envisioned as a 5-year commitment, industry’s support continues. The NASF 1000 was established to ensure that the industry would have funds to mount significant challenges to – or defend against – regulatory, legislative or activist group actions that threaten our livelihoods and our industry. All of the funds from the NASF 1000 program are used exclusively to support specific legal and related projects and initiatives that fall outside our day-to-day public policy and government affairs activities.

For those who have contributed to the NASF 1000 fund regularly, thank you for your support and leadership. On behalf the other leaders in the industry, we ask that you make a commitment today and join the NASF 1000. Contributions to the NASF 1000 fund are literally an investment in guaranteeing the future of our industry.

More information on the NASF 1000 program is available on the NASF website at If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Jeff Hannapel at 202-257-3756 or

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Leadership Spotlight: Rebecca Bennett

POSTED: August 4, 2017

Becky BennettRebecca Bennett (a.k.a. Becky) started at Precision Plating in April of 1973, in the Chemical Laboratory while attending college at night to get a degree in Business Administration. When she started, the EPA and OSHA had only been in existence for about 2 years and in a few short years of employment, Becky worked her way into the Environmental and Safety areas. She created all the regulatory procedures and training programs currently in use at Precision Plating and conducts the majority of the Safety Related Training Programs for all 3 shifts.

Precision Plating has always been a family owned business and was started by Robert Zacharias in 1904. The company started out electroplating picture frames in gold and silver, switching to electroplating military parts as America entered into World War II in 1941. The company was bought by Jim Belmonti in 1989; Jim’s 3 children took over the operation in 2008. Precision Plating is primarily a precious metal electroplater specializing in reel to reel operations, even though one third of the business contains traditional rack and barrel operations. In the last 15 years, Precision Plating has also secured many jobs requiring tri-metal (Cu, Sn, Zn) electroplating.

Becky was asked to join the Chicago Metal Finishers Institute (CMFI) in 2002 and was nominated by her peers to represent the CMFI on the National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF) in 2005. Becky had the honor to serve as President of the CMFI in 2011 and worked on the committee that helped to structure the joining of the CMFI with the Chicago AESF. The two groups have since changed their names to the Chicago Midwest Chapter of NASF. While on the national NASF Board, Becky has had the opportunity to work on the Job Shop Committee and the GAC.

Becky has worked with the Chicago Surface Finishing Foundation (CSFF) golf committee for the past 3 years; with the money earned from the golf outing, the CSFF has been able to provide complimentary industry training courses for Chicago Area Members. She was part of the committee that coordinated the first, very successful Sustainability Summit for the Chicago Area in 2016 and is again part of the committee preparing for 2nd Annual Sustainability Summit to be held in Lake Geneva, WI on October 12th – 13th.

Becky is the oldest of five siblings and has two daughters and three grandsons. Becky’s hobbies are photography and scrapbooking and loves to work in her yard as she finds it is therapeutic after a long day in the plating facility.

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NASF Presents Awards to Industry Leaders During Annual Trade Show Event

POSTED: July 19, 2017

On June 20, 2017, The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) presented industry awards at the 2017 SUR/FIN® Manufacturing and Technology Tradeshow and Conference in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center. The association recognized volunteer leaders whose service, commitment and contribution has advanced both the association and the industry.

NASF Presidential Award
Michael Kelly, Asko Processing Group

Mike Kelly receives the 2017 Presidential Award The Presidential Award focuses on the extraordinary service put forth by an NASF member who is actively participating on the national level, going above and beyond the capacity of most.
This year we were pleased to present this award to Michael Kelly. Mike has been in virtually every position within the NASF and is known across the community as going the extra mile in the call of service for the industry.

Silvio C. Taormina Memorial Award
Rick Delawder, SWD, Inc.

Rick Delawder Receives the 2017 Taormina AwardThe Silvio C. Taormina Memorial Award is an honor given to an individual who has performed outstanding service to the finishing industry over the years.

We were pleased to present this award to Rick Delawder for his unparalleled dedication and performance on both, national and chapter level in support of the finishing industry.
Rick has served on the NAMF, CMFI board for many years and has been a NASF board member going up through all the leadership positions, and has served as NASF President. His leadership as President helped continue to guide the association to great growth and stability. Rick has served in many leadership capacities within this local industry association over the years. It is clear that Rick is not serving for his own benefit rather he is serving for the good of the association.

August P. Munning Award
Waasy Boddison, American Plating Power

Waasy Boddison receives the 2017 August P. Munning AwardThis award is given to a member who has significantly contributed to the future wellbeing of the NASF/AESF and exemplifies the traits of August P. Munning. This year, we were pleased to present this award to Waasy Boddison.

Waasy has been a significant contributor to the industry through development of advanced rectifier technologies, while also participating on numerous NASF committees and being President of the Florida Finishers Corporation. Waasy currently is sitting on the national board of the NASF.

Scientific Achievement Award
Dr. Per Møller, Technical University of Denmark

Dr Per Møller Receives the 2017 Scientific Achievement AwardThe Scientific Achievement Award recognizes a person who has contributed to the advancement of the theory and practice of electroplating, metal finishing and the allied arts; raised the quality of processes and products; enhanced the dignity and status of the profession; or has been involved in a combination of these efforts. The first recipient of this award was Dr. William Blum, Sr., who was instrumental in the establishment of fundamental research in the Society.

This year, we were very pleased to recognize Dr. Per Moller for this prestigious award. His accomplishments in the technology of surface finishing and his contributions to our industry are both wide and in depth. Most notably, he has contributed the modern “bible” of our industry, the two-volume Advances in Surface Technology, as important to the engineer today as Blum and Hogaboom’s Principles of Electroplating and Electroforming was in the 1930’s.

Awards of Merit

2017 Award of Merit Recipients Betty Lou Mueller, Frank Dunigan, and Nancy ZapataThe Award of Merit is given to members of the industry who show meritorious service and achievement on both the local and national levels. We have three recipients of the Award of Merit this year:

Frank Dunigan, A Brite Company
for his outstanding contribution to NASF through SUR/FIN as an exhibitor, corporate member, NASF 1000 contributor and his regular participation in the Dallas branch of AESF for many years.

Betty Lou Mueller, Florida Finishers Corporation
for her tireless and selfless support of all activates within the Florida Finishers Corporation, including planning and execution of the annual Mid-Winter Finishers Conference.

Nancy Zapata, Control Electropolishing Corporation
for her dedicated work in the industry over the past 26 years and establishing the company, Electropolishing Corporation as a Minority Woman’s Business Enterprise. She has also been training her daughters to take over the company and has provided a foothold where women can be part of the surface finishing industry too.

2016 NASF Fellows

2017 NASF Fellows Ling Hao, Yinlun Huang, J. Kelly Mowry, Dr. Alan Rose, Donald Snyder, Not Pictured David Marsh, Jerry Wahlin, Joelie Zak The NASF Fellow is an award given to recognize outstanding service, contribution and long-standing commitment to the NASF/AESF for the advancement of the best interest of the surface finishing industry. The NASF Fellow honor is modeled after the AESF Fellow that was established in 1997.

  • Ling Hao, Lacks Enterprises
  • Yinlun Huang, Wayne State University
  • David Marsh, Marsh Plating Corporation
  • J. Kelly Mowry, Gull Industries
  • Dr. Alan Rose, Corrdesa LLC
  • Donald Snyder, Retired
  • Jerry Wahlin, AAA Plating & Inspection
  • Joelie Zak, Scientific Control Labs, Inc.

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Leadership Spotlight: Christopher J. Capalbo

POSTED: July 19, 2017

Chris CapalboChristopher is the Vice President of Operations for New Method Plating Company, Inc. located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Chris is a third-generation metal finisher at New Method Plating, which was started in 1931 by his grandfather, Ralph Capalbo, Sr. and is currently owned by his father Ralph Capalbo, Jr. Chris has worked every job at their NADCAP accredited metal finishing job shop during his 20-year career, servicing various military, aerospace, municipal, locking device, and hardware industries.

Chris has been an active member of the New England Chapter of the National Association of Metal Finisher for most of his career. He has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Clerk, and is still on the Board of Directors as the National Director to the NASF. For the past 8 years, Chris has served as the Administrative Co-Director for the New England Surface Finishing Regional; the is the largest annual metal finishing trade conference in all of New England. He has worked as an ambassador to the metal finishing industry, making multiple presentations for the Toxic Use Reduction Institute in striving to work with and help them understand the willingness of our industry to achieve responsible sustainability.

Chris holds his Massachusetts Wastewater Operators license, as well as completing his Toxic Use Reduction Planner Certification. Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Hartford.

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Leadership Spotlight: Brian Kane

POSTED: June 15, 2017

Brian KaneBorn and raised in New England, Brian Kane moved to Chicago in 1998 and in 2000, began his career at S&C Electric Company as a Safety & Environmental Engineer. S&C is a leading manufacturer of high voltage switchgear located in northeast Chicago, operating a wide variety of manufacturing processes, including a captive plating operation. Brian moved into S&C’s finishing operations as a process engineer, overseeing the plating, galvanizing and wastewater treatment operations. It was here that he first became an active member of the local Chicago Chapter after taking a local offering of the CEF course. Brian credits the camaraderie, information-sharing and technical presentations that kept him coming back. After holding several positions on the Board of Directors, Brian played an active role in the merger of the two surface finishing bodies in Chicago, forming both the Chicago Midwest Chapter of the NASF and the Chicago Surface Finishing Foundation where he now serves on both Boards. Brian is constantly amazed and inspired by the dedicated leadership and volunteer work done by the local and national chapter and Board members he has had the opportunity to work with. He enjoys active participation in the various chapter/NASF outings and social gatherings, including holiday parties, the science fair, golf outings, education summits and Washington Forum.

Married for 20 years with two beautiful kids (ages 11 and 13), Brian received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont and an MS in Environmental Engineering from Tufts University. Brian held positions as a US Navy Nuclear Reactor Plant Test Engineer and then as a Product EHS Engineer for a semiconductor fabrication equipment OEM prior to moving to Chicago. Brian recently returned to S&C’s Safety & Environmental Affairs group as senior manager, driving continuous improvement of the safety and sustainability efforts. He sees now more than ever the critical role that an active and engaged trade organization membership can bring to the health and welfare of individual companies and the industry as a whole.

In 2016, Brian received the Award of Merit from NASF/AESF and the Charlie Geldzhaler Award from the Chicago Chapter. Brian was also elected President of the AESF Foundation’s Board of Trustees in June of that year. Brian thanks his fellow chapter and board member’s generosity, support and mentorship for his longevity and certainly any accolades. Brian’s vision for the AESF Foundation includes expanded course offerings and accessibility, improved technical and educational resources, continued excellence in research and scholarship activities, and expanded chapter outreach.

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POSTED: May 10, 2017

Are you receiving regular emails from NASF? If not, you may need to update your user profile at New features on the NASF website will allow you to …

For additional information on updating your personal or company member profile, contact NASF:


Regulatory Alert: California Targeting Finishing Air Emissions Below Nanogram Levels

POSTED: March 30, 2017

Prompted by concerns over elevated air monitoring levels of hexavalent chromium in a southern California neighborhood, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is expected to propose revisions to its Rule 1469 – Hexavalent Chromium Emissions from Chrome Plating and Chromic Acid Anodizing Operations and Rule 1426 – Emissions from Metal Finishing Operations.

Local air officials have indicated that hexavalent chromium levels of more than 0.2 nanograms per cubic meter would pose unacceptable risks to human health. AQMD has already required one metal finishing shop to cease operations for exceeding 1 nanogram of hexavalent chromium per cubic meter at air monitors at the property boundary.

Focus is on Fugitive Emissions

The AQMD staff stated that they are concerned primarily about fugitive emissions from plating operations, rather than emissions from stacks, scrubbers and other control devices. To address the fugitive emissions from plating shops, AQMD may add the requirements below to the current rules for chromic anodizing and chrome plating operations.

  • Monitoring on the premises using multiple monitors ($5000 each) with immediate abatement when levels exceed acceptable risk thresholds
  • Total enclosures for plating and anodizing operations
  • Buildings with negative air pressure
  • Controls and/or covers on all tanks that are heated or agitated and may contain hexavalent chromium, including sealer and rinse tanks
  • More stringent controls on abrasive blast cabinets and grinding operations
  • New housekeeping requirements, including:
    • Daily vacuuming of floors with a HEPA vacuum that is emptied in a clean room environment
    • Daily cleaning of flat surfaces and wall
    • Cleaning of roofs two times per month

Expansion to Other Metals

AQMD is also considering applying similar requirements for metal finishing operations pursuant to Rule 1426 to control fugitive emissions of other metals such as cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc and tin.

AQMD has indicated that it expects to issue the proposed rule by July 2017 and finalize it by the end of 2017. The industry is concerned that it may not be technologically or economically feasible to meet the proposed revisions. California state industry leaders and NASF representatives have met with AQMD officials this month. The industry is now in the process of evaluating options to address this significant and precedent-setting challenge to finishing operations in the region and beyond.

To view a summary of the pending regulatory actions from South Coast air regulatory officials, please click here.

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