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NASF Report

NASF has partnered with Products Finishing to present "The NASF Report" a periodical resource for information about NASF and the surface finishing industry.

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Tag: College for Creative Studies

NASF Report

NASF has partnered with Products Finishing to present "The NASF Report" a periodical resource for information about NASF and the surface finishing industry.

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NASF Bright Design Challenge: Detroit Students Learn from Industry

POSTED: February 3, 2017

The Bright Design Challenge in Detroit this week featured automotive design students showing their first research concepts for this year’s project at the College for Creative Studies. Key to their early learning was a face to face meeting with NASF leaders and experts on the role of surface treatment and finishing applications.

Instructor Raphael Zammet facilitated the student presentations. The class has done some initial research on the history of automobile brands and how to use finishing to enhance brand identity.

The industry briefings and input on the students’ work were given by a group of NASF leaders who lead the Bright Design Task Group, including:

Brian Harrick, KC Jones Plating

Bernie Haviland, Haviland USA

Mitch Marsh, Finishing Services

They were joined by a special panel of industry supplier experts from NASF member companies who provided an overview of the wide range of finishing uses and applications for automotive.

Representatives included:

Doug Lay, Coventya,

Rob Pawson, HavilandUSA

Joe Randazzo, Atotech

Mark Wojtaszek, MacDermidEnthone

Focus on Finishing in Design

NASF Board member Brian Harrick, who helped lead the session with key sponsors, was pleased with the outcome so far. “We were excited to have our group give an overview of surface finishing — this session really helped the students focus on designs. I think we had a lot of good information exchange and it was great to hear the questions from the students and CCS staff.”

This semester’s course – sponsored by NASF and it’s training arm, the AESF Foundation, is a studio-focused session of top students in the College for Creative Studies’ Master of Fine Arts program. Past graduates from the school who have been involved in NASF-sponsored Bright Design courses have gone on to successful careers working for global automotive and other companies.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course this year are to:

1. Create new conventions of identity on both the brand and vehicular level through the unconventional research and application of materiality, color, texture, pattern, and form as expressed through surface finishes.

2. Employ the concept of researched “aesthetic messaging” to elevate the use of surface finishes beyond styling decor, into ‘communicative language devices’.

3. Celebrate the full creative and expressive potential of surface finishes through the creation of visually compelling video animations that highlight the surface concepts (by targeting viewers focus to those areas on vehicle).

More details of the session will be available shortly and an update on the progress of the course will be given at the NASF Leadership Conference next month.

Thanks to all NASF and event sponsors!

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Design Students Compete to Brighten Chrysler Brand

POSTED: February 12, 2014

The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) announced this week the launch of its 13th Annual Bright Design Challenge with Master of Fine Arts Transportation Design students from the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan.

This competition will require CCS design students to explore innovative ways to incorporate bright finishes as a premium design element related to SUV’s and the Chrysler brand image, a brand that gave new meaning to Urban Luxury with its Chrysler 300 luxury sedan.

“CCS greatly values our long-standing partnership with NASF and Chrysler. Over the years, both industry leaders have provided opportunities for undergraduate students to apply their talents to exciting design projects,” said Alexander Klatt, MFA Chair of Transportation Design. “This semester, however, they have combined efforts to engage with the MFA Transportation Design faculty in CCS Graduate Studies where they will challenge the MFA students to create a new ‘luxury SUV brand concept’ for Chrysler through the application of premium materials. The classroom will simulate the immersive experience of working in a professional studio with feedback and evaluation from NASF and Chrysler.”

Design students will study ways to re-establish the Chrysler 300 as a luxury-SUV, differentiated from its American counterparts as well as European and Asian luxury brand. Participants will be required to work within strict, realistic guidelines. Time management skills will play a role due to critical deadlines placed throughout the intense, 12 week competition. Final designs will be chosen by a select panel of industry leaders in late April of this year. Contest awards will then be applied directly to the winning students’ tuition.

“The future of surface finishing depends on the innovative ideas of our youth”, stated NASF Board President, Rick Delawder. “The NASF strongly believes that it is the responsibility of those currently serving this industry to foster and nourish these ideas” stated, Delawder. This program is produced as part of the association’s Surface Technology Initiative to proactively promote the surface finishing industry.

About College for Creative Studies (CCS)

Located in the heart of Detroit, the College for Creative Studies (CCS) educates artists and designers to be leaders in creative professions. A private, fully accredited college, CCS enrolls more than 1,400 students pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees.

Students in the BFA program can major in Advertising Design, Advertising: Copywriting, Crafts, Entertainment Arts, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Photography, Product Design and Transportation Design, in addition to a dual major Art Education program. Students in the MFA program can major in Interdisciplinary Design and Transportation Design. The college also offers non-credit courses in the visual arts through its Continuing Education programs and opportunities for youth through its Community Arts Partnerships programs.

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Auto Show Interview with Mark West of College for Creative Studies

POSTED: January 14, 2013

Mark West, Professor and Chair, Transportation Design/ MFA Transportation Design at College for Creative Studies took a few moments to speak about the program at the Detroit Auto Show. NASF pairs with the school to present the Bright Design Challenge, which gives students real world challenges and invites them to incorporate surface finishing in their designs. The 2013 Bright Design Challenge will be kicking off in Detroit on January 15. Visit for more details.

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