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NASF Membership & Dues Change: Preparing for January 2012

North American manufacturing has seen unprecedented change in the last decade. The new landscape demands a more effective association and membership structure. The NASF has taken important steps under new executive leadership to revitalize the association and strengthen its role and value proposition. NASF President Tony Revier highlighted recent progress in the monthly NASF Report.

As the NASF rebuilds core programs and value for members with a significantly reduced budget versus previous years, refinement to the membership structure and dues changes are in order.

The NASF Board deferred changes anticipated for 2011, in order to review the impacts of a new membership and dues structure. Now, a revitalized NASF Membership Committee and NASF Membership Director have developed a new NASF Membership website, and have been communicating with all affiliates and branches on pending NASF membership and dues changes, effective January 2012.

Supplier dues will remain at a tiered level based on company size, job and captive operations will move to a new tiered dues structure based on company size, and professional membership will have new eligibility requirements.

For additional information, please review the new NASF membership website here. Also, contact Phil Assante with questions at (703) 887-7235 or

News & Insights

NASF Discusses SUR/FIN International Panel, Environmental Protection with China Surface Finishing Industry

Representatives of the China Electroplating Association and the China Surface Engineering Association are making plans to send a formal delegation to NASF SUR/FIN 2012 in Las Vegas. Based on the success of the SUR/FIN 2011 International Panel session, NASF recently discussed expanding the SUR/FIN international program to include Chinese industry representation, along with other countries.

One of the areas discussed by NASF and the China delegation is improving environmental and health protection and controls at Chinese domestic finishing operations. Additional details on the expanded SUR/FIN 2012 International Panel will be forthcoming. Industry and association participants from Europe, North and South America, and Asia will be announced by late 2011.

Automotive Surface Technology Roadmap Initiative Launched

The NASF Technology Advisory Committee’s Automotive Surface Technology Roadmap initiative is formally underway. The roadmap Task Group is being chaired by Linda Wing, Automotive Industry Manager from NASF Supplier Member Enthone.

The Task Group will be working through the fall to identify and highlight key finishing technology trends for the future, and will begin developing the roadmap for release to NASF members in 2012. The recent Aerospace/Defense Surface Technology Roadmap, completed in the past year, provides useful guidance on material demands, trends and innovation in finishing technology for that sector. For further questions or information, please contact NASF TAC Chairman Dr. Keith Legg at

Mist Suppressants, Chromium Emissions Targeted in NASF-EPA Meetings

NASF members met with federal EPA officials this week to discuss the agency’s decision to impose tighter regulations on industry chromium emissions. The agency recently received over 10,000 comments via a Sierra Club email campaign to impose tougher mandates on U.S. finishing operations.

The agency concluded earlier this year that emissions did not pose a significant risk and the industry anticipated no changes to the existing chromium air limits. However, EPA officials have reversed course and are considering substantially lower emission standards. If the agency’s recommended approach prevails, the industry could see newly mandated limits 50 to 70 percent lower than current federal emission standards by 2012.

The NASF Government Advisory Committee and key NASF Supplier members have been working to address EPA data and modeling issues, among other topics. NASF Members in attendance at the recent industry-EPA meeting included: Gene Barlowe, Atotech, Doug Lay, Coventya, Rick Hall, KCH Services, and Mike Barnstead, MacDermid.

New Labor Rules Supporting Union Efforts Challenged in Federal Court

The National Labor Relations Board recently issued new regulations that require companies to put posters on their bulletin boards by November 14, 2011, that inform employees about their rights to unionize under federal law. Last week, the National Association of Manufacturers filed suit against the NLRB in opposition to the posting requirement rule.

In comments filed with the Board, the NAM contended the posting requirement is beyond the NLRB’s authority under the Act. These comments are the basis for the lawsuit filed in federal court yesterday. The NAM is asking the court to preliminarily and permanently enjoin the Board from implementing, enforcing and applying the rule.

2014: A Health Care Odyssey

It has been 18 months since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—better known as health care reform—and most businesses have made few, if any, changes in the delivery of their health care benefits. However, major provisions such as penalties for not covering full-time employees and the creation of public and private health insurance exchanges to broker coverage will take effect in 2014. Employers and benefits managers will soon need to make strategic decisions impacting their future healthcare programs. NASF will provide updates on the new law in the coming year.

Lessons in Workers Compensation

Is there a role for the federal government in a state-based workers' comp system in the wake of huge losses like those sustained in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Those who assume the state-based workers' compensation system will weather a major natural or man-made disaster in the future would do well to heed some hard lessons from the events that took place on U.S. soil on Sept. 11, 2001.
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The Debate on Producing in China – Is the U.S. Really More Attractive?

Rising costs in China, along with dozens of hidden costs, are making it more economical to either keep manufacturing in the United States or bring it back from China, writes Manufacturing & Technology News editor Richard McCormick.

Companies are not adequately accounting for dozens of hidden costs and growing risks associated with outsourcing production to China, according to David Meeker of Neoteric Product Development based in Acton, Mass., and a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When companies tally all of the costs of offshore outsourcing and adopt new design techniques for streamlining manufacturing, the cost advantage of moving production to China disappears.

"If you look at all the costs and total them up and you do a really good job of doing design, the chances are you can manufacture in the United States just as competitively and with a lot less risk and a lot less lead time," says Meeker. "You have more control over what you are doing."

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NASF to Offer New Energy Cost Savings Program to Members

The challenge of managing energy costs associated with industrial operations remains an important priority for management. In order to maximize cost savings opportunities, NASF is offering a new program for members through partnering with APPI energy.

APPI Energy provides the Powerful Solutions Program, an exclusive member benefit that assists companies in managing and reducing energy expenses. APPI Energy navigates the maze of energy deregulation by negotiating favorable “real-time” pricing and contract terms and conditions with competitive energy suppliers across the country. APPI Energy provides energy procurement services with minimal time commitment and no upfront cost.

Visit APPI Energy on the web at or call 1-800-520-6685. Currently, the best states for natural gas savings are as follows: NJ, NY, IL, MI, OH, IN, GA, TX. The best states for electricity savings at this point are: PA, IL, NJ, NY.

NASF REACH Webinar this November: What Does the European REACH Regulation Really Mean for Me?

As European REACH regulation casts a wider net over chemicals and metals uses in global manufacturing, what are the obligations of large and small companies in the supply chain? What does a chemical or metal listing as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) mean to chemical suppliers, finishing operations and industrial users of coatings in various products? And where is the REACH regime moving in the future?

NASF will hold a special webinar on November 9th to address these and other major questions. Speakers will include: Dr. Keith Legg, NASF Technology Advisory Committee Chairman, Jeff Hannapel, NASF / The Policy Group, and others. Watch for formal registration notice, or contact Cheryl Clark for additional information at


U.S. Tax Expert and Commentator Andrew Friedman at Next Year’s Washington Forum – April 24-26, 2012

One of the nation’s top tax counselors will join the Washington Forum in April 2012 to discuss federal fiscal trends and how congressional decisions on tax policy and regulation will affect business and investments in the future. Friedman is a former partner at the DC-based law firm Covington & Burling, who gave advice and counsel to a range of clients including the four major U.S. sports leagues. He is sought after for his nonpartisan analysis of Washington tax topics. Andy will help kick off the Forum on Tuesday, April 24th at the Ritz Carlton at Pentagon City. Please contact Cheryl Clark at for registration information.

Save the Date: NASF 2012 Management Conference – March 11-15

The 2012 NASF Management Conference is slated for March 11-15 at the Inter-Continental Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The event promises to be exceptional for its informative program, atmosphere and reasonable cost – the 2012 registration fee includes ALL meal functions and will allow even more interaction among attendees. Please contact Cheryl Clark at for more information.

NASF SUR/FIN 2012 Conference Update: Exhibit Space Filling Up
June 11-13 in Las Vegas

The SUR/FIN 2012 show floor is quickly filling up and is already over 50% sold out. For the first time in many years, SUR/FIN is heading west and excitement is building for the Las Vegas location. The NASF events committee has worked very hard to develop a schedule to optimize attendees’ time both on the show floor and in the improved conference sessions as well. Updates to the new SUR/FIN website, will be unveiled shortly – check the site for current developments.

NASF’s Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) has already been hard at work planning the program as well. The 2011 Manufacturing & Technology Conference was a huge success and received top reviews. The 2012 Conference promises to be even better!

Don’t delay, contact Cheryl Clark at or 302-436-5616 and reserve your booth today!


NASF Education: Airline and Aerospace Finishing Courses in Seattle, September 26-29

Take the Airline & Aerospace Finishing Course through the NASF’s educational arm, the AESF Foundation, on September 26-27 (Part 1) and September 28 – 29 (Part 2). Instructor Frank Altmayer will review a range of critical topics at the classroom site in Seattle, Washington. Participants can sign up for the full 4-day course or take only Part 1 or Part 2. An optional exam will be offered on September 30, 2011.

Course: Airline and Aerospace Finishing
Instructor: Frank Altmayer, MSF, AESF Fellow
Fee: Member – $1,350 / Non-member - $1,600 (for Parts 1 & 2)

The deadline for registration is Friday, September 16.

Register Now

NASF Webinars: Cyanide, Test Panels, Salt Spray Topics from the Foundation

New web-based educational courses from the AESF Foundation will run from October through the end of the year. The curriculum is presented in short webinars for cyanide safety, emergency response and test-panel troubleshooting. Formal courses on corrosion and salt spray will be offered in a series of web-based sessions. See details below:

Webinars – Fall Schedule

October 11:  Cyanide Safety
October 18:  Cyanide Emergency Response
December 9:  Troubleshooting Test Panels

Fee: Member - $65 / Non-member - $95

Web-based Course Offering – Fall Schedule

November 15, 22, 29, December 6: Corrosion & Salt Spray (Four 2-hour Sessions)

Fee: Member - $315 / Non-Member - $500  

Learn more about the course HERE.

Register Now

Chapter Updates

Palmetto Conference: October 5-7, 2011

The 3rd Annual Palmetto Branch of the NASF/AESF hosts this conference with the theme: “Winning In An Ever-Changing World Economy.” The event will be Oct. 5-7 in Myrtle Beach, SC, and the main technical conference in the Southeast this fall. Guest speakers from government and industry will address a variety of topics, including an NASF update. Oceanfront rooms and more are available for this family fall get-away opportunity. For information, contact Kevin Helton at

New England Surface Finishing Regional Conference

Host: National Association of Metal Finishers - New England Chapter (NAMF-NEC)
Friday, November 4, 2011
The Resort & Conference Center at Hyannis
35 Scudder Avenue (West End Circle)
Hyannis, MA 02601

Click Here for Information


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