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Your membership generates a solid return on investment and supports essential programs to advance surface engineering and technology, nationally and worldwide. NASF members who want to get the most out of their membership get involved and stay involved with top leaders in business and industry.

Now, more than ever before, businesses are aligning themselves with associations that connect them with knowledge and people to help leverage scarce resources and ensure their success.

NASF is there for you and has the strength, the commitment, and resources to help you plan your business strategy. Your investment helps you stay informed and succeed.

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NASF Corporate Membership

Please allow three days for processing membership application and payment.

Job Shop

Business entities whose primary operations are surface finishing processes. Job Shop Membership includes all employees and dues are based on annual sales revenues, with special consideration given to shops that do precious metal plating.

Job Shops are required to join through their local chapters if one exists in their area. Chapters will collect both local and national (NASF) dues. Find your local chapter. Job Shops without a local chapter join NASF directly as a member at large.
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Suppliers, Consultants and Distributors

Companies engaged in the manufacture, sale and/or development of equipment, materials or processes used in surface finishing, or provides services to the surface finishing industry. Supplier dues are based on annual sales revenue of products and services to the surface finishing industry and includes all employees.
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Associates, Captives and OEM

Businesses involved in the finishing industry as captives or OEMs that operate surface finishing processes Associates may also include corporations that do not perform finishing operations themselves, but require surface finishing products for their customers. Associate dues may be corporate (includes all employees) or individual (one professional membership).
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NASF Individual Memberships

NASF engages with the following members in the development of knowledge, resources and new technology for the industry. Please allow three days for processing before utilizing member benefits
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Individual membership applies to:


Individual employees of companies that do not fall within the corporate membership category.


Any individual who resides in a country other than the U.S., Canada and Mexico and is not employed by an NASF corporate member.


Any individual holding a teaching or research position at an accredited college, university or vocational institution with an interest in surface finishing or the finishing supply chain.


Any individual who is a federal, state or local government employee with responsibilities or job functions relating to the surface finishing industry or the finishing supply chain.


Any individual no more than 25 years of age regularly enrolled in courses in an accredited college, university or vocational institution.


Any individual who has been employed in an occupation related to surface finishing, who is 62 years of age and is retired from the industry.

Honorary Member

Any individual that has been honored with lifetime membership in NASF or any of the preceding associations that now comprise NASF. Honorary membership is awarded by the Board.