What is the Bright Design Challenge?

The National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) believes that the future of surface finishing depends on the innovative ideas of our youth. We consider it the responsibility of those currently serving the industry to foster and nourish these ideas. As part of this mission, the National Association for Surface Finishing proudly presents The Bright Design Challenge. This creative program is produced as part of the Association’s “Surface Technology Initiative” to spotlight finishing’s impact on millions of products for the next generation of designers and innovators.

Twice each year, students are paired with mentors from the finishing industry and major brands to create innovative concepts with special consideration for how finishing can be used to meet a variety of real-world objectives.

In addition to valuable surface finishing knowledge and scholarship opportunities, students gain advantages in the job market with impressive portfolio pieces and valuable connections to leading companies. After the Challenge, alumni have gone on to design, and later, management positions at companies including GM, ICON Aircraft, Chrysler, Volvo and more.

Don’t miss out on your chance to contribute to this important program!

Please contact Cheryl Clark today for more information on mentoring and sponsorship opportunities.