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Education & Training

Welcome to the AESF Education Foundation, a non-profit organization and an entity functioning as the Educational arm of the National Association for Surface Finishing. We are governed by our Board of Trustees. Our Foundation’s three core areas are EDUCATION, RESEARCH and SCHOLARSHIP.

The Foundation was formed in 2006 and it aims to support the on-going needs of our members in the surface finishing industry, nationally and globally. Our Educational Programs are well recognized in the industry. They range from regular Class Room courses, to Custom Courses, and our most popular Webinars. We offer certification, starting from the basic level CEF, all the way to MSF (Master Surface Finisher).

The Foundation offers research grants to universities and technical institutions to support research work in sustainable technologies and environmentally clean chemistry for the advancement of surface finishing industry.

Through Scholarships, the Foundation supports college students from the undergraduate through doctoral research in chemistry, chemical and other areas of engineering related to surface finishing. We aim to foster college students’ interests to our industry, while providing financial aid for their academic pursuit.

Download the 2018 Foundation Catalog

2018 Foundation Catalog

Our Course Catalog is available for download as a PDF, which includes a registration form that can be printed and mailed or faxed.

Training Options

Custom Training Courses

Don’t Get Boxed in by Education! In 2009 the NASF Education Foundation designed courses for three of the top ten aerospace companies. A qualified Foundation instructor will develop and teach a curriculum according to your company’s needs.

Each module takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete. Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

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Home Study

The Home Study program is a wonderful way to take the Foundation courses if you are unable to attend our in-person training or wish to have more time to study the material. Courses are based around the course materials that you receive when you sign up for the program.

The materials include lessons as well as homework. You will coordinate your study with the Technical Education Director of the Foundation, at your own pace. The Director will be your source to ask questions about the material, grade your homework, and offer suggestions to improve your work.

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In-Person Training

In-person Training is offered throughout the country through the Foundation or sponsored by a Branch. Foundation courses typically take place no more than 10-15 miles from the chosen city’s airport. Courses are confirmed via email two weeks prior to the course date.

If English is not your primary language, additional time will be given to complete exams. You will be allowed to use a translation dictionary.

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Webinar Series

Get your questions answered without leaving the office. Participants will call into the training session and access the internet to follow along with the presentation. Questions will be collected prior to the sessions as well as during the presentation. The forum will be an open opportunity to get your questions answered and learn from others.

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